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New engines for Toyota 22RE, 22R, and 22REC applications

We have brand new engines for your 1985-1995 Toyota Pickup and 1985-1995 Toyota 4Runner (2.4L).There are NOT remanufactured 22RE engines, they are freshly cast and include the following parts all new:

  • brand new cylinder head
  • brand new cam
  • brand new distributor gear
  • brand new valves
  • brand new valve guides
  • brand new valve stem Seals
  • brand new valve seats
  • brand new valve springs and retainers
  • brand new rocker sssembly
  • brand new pistons and wrist pins
  • brand new pistons rings
  • brand new connecting rods
  • brand new main bearings
  • brand new connecting rod bearings
  • brand new crankshaft
  • brand new main caps
  • brand new block
  • brand new oil pump
  • brand new oil pump gear
  • brand new timing chain and gears
  • brand new rails
  • brand new timing cover
  • all gaskets needed for installation

Your 22RE is the heart of your 4Runner or Toyota Pickup. These vehicles have shown an amazing ability to run much longer than anyone expected. They are kings of durability, but engines will wear out, and they will fail. With our brand new 22RE engines, you can replace the heart of your vehicle, and get years and years of more life from it.

So what does something like this cost? We can deliver these engines to your mechanic at a commercial address for $2700 or to your home for $2750.

If you want a completely brand new engine in your 4Runner or Pickup, we’re your source. Call us today at 901-266-9996×225. Ask for Matt.

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