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About the Northstar Engine

The Cadillac Northstar engine was first put in the Cadillac Allante for the 1993 Model year, and has since been the flagship engine for the most popular Cadillac Deville engines. This smooth runner is powerful. Initially plagued with expensive headgasket problems, The Northstar Engine has seen most of its problems resolved.

To avoid potential problems, we never buy or sell a Northstar engine with more than 80,000 miles on it. Since we have the best interest of our customers at heart, and know that the great majority of problems with the Northstar engines manifest at between 120,000 and 160,000 miles, we stay far away from high mile Northstar engines, and stick with what our name says: Low Mileage Engines.

There is much confusion about the difference between the VIN “Y” and VIN “9” Northstar Engines. Many folks claim that these swaps will work flawlessly. It has been our experience that, while 9 and Y engine interchange, it is anything but smooth. Because of the complicated nature of the Northstar Engine, we do not sell anything but a direct interchange, as determined by industry standard interchange applications.

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