Where Have All The Ford 5.4L Engines Gone?

I love F-150′s and I love Ford, but right now I am concerned about availability of 5.4L used engines – specifically the 2 valve engines.

I’m only concerned about 2 valve 5.4L engines, because we’re currently not selling the 3 valve 5.4L engines. There is a tremendous demand for the 5.4L 3 valve engines, and our cost to acquire them has more than doubled over the last 18 months. Any time demand gets that high for an engine, we pause on buying them, and we freeze selling them. The reason for this is that we wouldn’t want to sell something to someone we’re not confident in, and when demand shoots through the roof like that on a specific engine, we want to understand the reason. If there is a problem, we want to know about it.

We do still sell a large number of 5.4L 2 valve engines. The problem is that everyone wants them. They made millions of F-150′s and F-250′s with the 5.4L 2 valve engine, and with the age of the vehicles, sourcing them is getting difficult. We can still supply these engines and we make an effort to do so. Many customers have reported to us that remanufacturers have faced periodic shortages of 5.4′s. I am curious about why. Is it simply too difficult to findrebuildable cores for 5.4′s?

  • Phillip

    Do you think CARS (Cash for Clunkers) has anything to do with the shortage of useable core engines. I understand the engines were locked up under federal mandate and all other parts destroyed after 60 days in a salvage yard.

    • mnbookman

      Cash for clunkers is responsible for a great part of the increase in used engine and used car prices. The program was a foolish waste of resources and was responsible for one of the greatest destructions of wealth in American history.
      The number of 40,000 mile engines destroyed in nice trucks that should still be on the road was atrocious.